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Sales Support

Provide your clients with customized assistance to guide them through each step of your sales process. Our team is highly qualified and equipped with technology we put at your service to help your clients efficiently resolve any concerns or questions they may have while processing, tracking and shipping their orders.  

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What is Sales Support?

Call Centers reinforce the efforts on the front end of sales for every e-commerce. A good Sales Support service provider can help direct your customer to the bottom of the sales funnel more quickly and keep them loyal to your practice.


Quantum's Sales Support agents are trained to listen to the client's objectives, pay attention to feedback, offer personalized attention with improved response times and resolve the customers' complaints or needs within the first interaction, this is what we call a first-call resolution. 

Trusted by fast-growing companies and professionals

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Why do you need Sales Support?

Any product selling business needs to offer Sales Support services to touch base with customers and cover all their sales related inquiries. Quantum offers your business a multi-channel solution, providing your clients with ease of interaction and accessibility through different channels like email, live chat, phone calls, social media, and customer reviews. 


Sales support for e-commerce can help your business with:


  • Customer service.

  • Order processing and taking.

  • Help desk.

  • Email and live chat support.

  • Quickly respond to customer calls and queries.

  • Predicting customer needs and getting insights for new product or service development.

  • Monitoring products and services performance, perception and reviews.

  • Personalizing customer interactions.

  • Receiving customer feedback.

Contact us today to address effectively all of your clients' inquiries, doubts and concerns, assuring client satisfaction every time.

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Building a strong reputation is everything.  Delivering positive sales support experiences for your clients and taking a human-first approach must be always a priority and part of your customer retention plan.

Clients must be able to easily contact a customer service specialist via any platform, and every point of contact with your business should be professional, convenient, and courteous. 


Some of the benefits of having Quantum as your Sales Support provider are: 

  • Control your customer experience to be a positive one at all touch points and sales funnel of your clients.

  • Ensure a better customer retention acquisition.

  • Streamline your sales.

  • Pre-Sale & After-Sale Support.

  • Ensure maximum conversions.

  • Improve customer experience and brand loyalty.

  • Manage your billing, process returns, and track shipments. 

What are the benefits of having the Sales Support service?

Bilingual professionals 
 specifically trained  in your product or service, to deliver high quality attention and customer experience to your  English and   Spanish  speaking audiences.

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