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About Us


At Quantum, we take care of your needs as our own. We create a clear plan to lower overhead and drive productivity with our one-stop business outsourcing solutions.

Think of us as your team outside your company. Work at ease and focus on your core activities. 

We've got the rest, for your business' success.


The Quantum Method

The Quantum guiding principles and skills that guide us as a team and shape all of our activities towards our common business goal

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We act bold because we know how to deliver results. We believe in your business and what you have to offer. 

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We prioritize teamwork as a key strategy to achieving your company's goals.

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We create trustworthy and long lasting connections with customers, not only enhancing relationships but also improving performance for your company.

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Our processes, activities, skills and training are conducted to create a powerful effect on your clients perception, favorability and ultimately your business' growth. 

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We are open and honest.  We readily make our data available to employees and exclusively to each client, holding our business accountable and ensuring that every step taken is for the client’s best interest.

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We always strive for ways to communicate effectively and appropriately and always find a way to be productive. 

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Efficiency rules when work is appropriately divided within a team, and responsibilities are shared! 

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We are the team outside your team you can count on to accomplish your goals, get through the many hard challenges of client service, grow your business and more. 

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Client Centered

Client is at the top of our minds, so everything we do is oriented to ensure our client’s satisfaction. 

Trusted by fast-growing companies and professionals

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The Quantum Team


Gary Smith 



Joanna Oquendo

Receivables Manager


Joe Mohr



Maria Suescum



Theresa Giordano

Project Manager


Roger Velasco 

Regional Vice President


Ryan Ballard

VP Business


Andrea Zabala

Lead Generation
& Content Strategist


Dany Durango

Website Designer
& Content Strategist

Our Medellin Team

Medellin. The city of eternal spring, and city of incredibly talented and professional people (did you know that 11 Colombian universities are ranked within the world's best 1000 universities?).


Colombians are generally seen as very positive, charismatic and cheerful. Always with a smile on their faces, and ready to help you solve any problems you have.

​These are some of the many advantages of having a professional team in Medellin: 

  • Medellin is the Silicon Valley of Latin America: Did you know that Medellin is nothing like TV series portray it, or like it was in the 1990s? This metropolitan city has now been dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Latin America,” and is the only Latin American city, other than Sao Paulo, Brazil, to rank “top 25 most innovative cities in the world.” 

  • Similar legal structure and business cultures: The US and Colombia governments have a long-standing relationship. Business culture in Colombia is similar as well, and Americans find Colombians to be friendly, responsible, and easy to work with. 

  • You get a bilingual Team: Colombians are impressively fluent in both the English and Spanish languages, and can proficiently answer customer calls, provide reporting, data entry, medical records, collections, and more for your English and Spanish speaking clients. 

  • Same time zones: 12-hour time differences or more can be an inconvenient for team meetings and project development. Colombia overlaps with American time zones, making communication and scheduling much easier.

  • We are only hours away!: You can take a flight and visit Colombia in as little as 3 hours, depending on where you are located. 

  • Cost efficiency: Colombia's cost of living is significantly lower than in other countries, especially compared to the US. 

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What Our Clients Say

Business Meeting
Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič
"With Quantum, it felt like having an experienced marketing strategy team on my side, and part of my team. It helped us not only evolve and grow digitally, but actually start getting clients with our site and social media!"

Chris, Personal Injury Lawyer.

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