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A Quantum Outsourcing Group® Solution

Your ultimate team extension solution.
Achieve all of your business goals with talented staff,

minus the administrative burden.

Can you relate to this?

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Your current staff is constantly overwhelmed with the workload.

Quantum Employee Leasing Icons.png

Your team is losing focus for being dedicated to more than one role and operational tasks.

Quantum Employee Leasing Icons.png

Your staff is spending

too much time

micromanaging instead of doing the job they were hired for.

Quantum Employee Leasing Icons.png

Your team is constantly missing deadlines due to the work overload.

We are your growth partner.

Quantum Outsourcing Group has the expertise, the capacity,

and the staff to take over your back office operations, so you can focus on nothing but your goals.

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About how Quantum can help your business

Why should you choose Quantum

for Employee Leasing?

When working with Quantum Outsourcing Group, you get full access to a pool of professionals dedicated to your business growth, supported by top-tier technology. All with unmatched cost-savings.

Expertise and Seniority
Competitive Costs & Savings
Operational Expenses Reduction
Less Overhead
Commitment to your success

Global Pool of Talent
Cutting Edge Technology

Top-tier Hardware and Software 
Security and Cybersecurity for your data
Custom Office Needs

Expanding your Staff 

with Employee Leasing, means:


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About Quantum Employee's Benefits

Constant Communication

As a client, you will have a dedicated Project Manager and frequent scheduled meetings to update you on current status of projects, achievements and future actions. These spaces are the perfect opportunity to share positive experiences and give feedback to positively impact your dedicated employee.

As part of the recruitment process,

our Team Acquisition experts will carefully select from our talent pool, the professional who perfectly matches your requirements. This professional will be exclusively dedicated to your business tasks per your instructions. Much like an in-office worker. 



Every employee has a dedicated supervisor, which is constantly monitoring their performance and providing feedback. We are always striving to improve their skills to positively impact on their work and your business success.

Learning Curve


Having a team of highly skilled, fully bilingual professionals ready to integrate into your business environment. This capability ensures clear, effective communication across your operations, enhancing teamwork and customer service in a global marketplace. The ability to communicate in multiple languages is more than a convenience—it's a strategic asset in today's interconnected world.



Our employees are extensively trained in different skills according to your needs, such as Customer Service, Effective Communication, Finances, Data Entry, and more. 

Mentorship & Training

We understand the sensitivity of your data, as it is truly your biggest asset. 

All of our hardware, software and staff are required to undergo strict security protocols such as computer security, ID verification, Technology Audits, Call and Data monitoring, and Tracking Software (which tracks keyboard and mouse movements and activity).

Security &

Cyber Security

Our Recruitment Process

How do we find precisely who you are looking for?

A team of Talent Acquisition Experts recruits your best fit from a pool of talent in US and LatAm.

When you contact us for the first time, our Client Manager will get a deep understanding of your needs and requirements.

This will ensure the understanding of your needs for an accurate profiling and talent selection. Our mission is to pair you with the ideal candidate(s) as soon as possible.

Our search begins within our own talent pool. If we find a good match, we will assign them immediately to your company.


If there is no immediate match to your requirements, or if the designated professional does not meet your needs, we proceed to an external search. Our Talent Acquisition experts will evaluate candidates until finding the perfect fit. 

​​Soft Skills

and Technical Expertise Interview

Behavioral Interview

(Work under pressure, teamwork, communication skills, and more)

Background Checking

Rewards Program

Hiring and



& Monitoring

We, truly, have no competitor.


Other BPO's

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Security & Cyber Security Protocols
Constant Communication & Feedback
Zero Downtime
Custom Training & Reward Benefits
Legal Contracting Compliance
Dedicated Employee to your business
No Hidden Fees
Bilingual Professionals

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About Quantum Outsourcing Group

Explore more about our

Employee Leasing Solutions

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Maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs with skilled professionals without the hustle of contracting, payroll and HR management. 

Provide your clients with bilingual support, information about your products, services, and programs, effectively.

Improve accuracy and reduce errors by safely and precisely taking your information to electronic formats.

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Bilingual Virtual Assistant services tailored to handle administrative tasks, appointment booking, and more, ensuring efficient and professional support from a remote location.

Need more solutions?

Learn more about Quantum Outsourcing Portfolio

Are you ready to scale up your success?

Let's partner today and build a team ready to work according to your needs.

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