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Medical Billing

Increase revenue, improve speed of collections, reduce denials and get faster payments with our medical billing solution.  We take care of the complete billing process, including coding options, billing, reporting, and collections. 

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What is
Medical Billing?

Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up with claims, as communicating with the insurance companies to receive accurate payment for the healthcare services rendered to a patient, provided by a physician and/or healthcare facility.


Quantum Medical Billing solution is designed for medical practices that want to increase both coding efficiency and overcome claim denials, as well as to help lessen the burden of administrative tasks that take precious time away from their highest priority: providing excellent patient care.

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Why do you need
Medical Billing?

If you, like other healthcare providers and physicians are struggling with the challenges of dealing with both delivering quality healthcare and handling all administrative activities, Medical Billing outsourcing is the right call for your medical practice.

When outsourcing your medical billing process, you can rely on a team of experts that can optimize and speed your billing process and get the right reimbursement for all procedures you perform at your practice, thus giving you an organized, zero failure process and timely cash flow for your business growth.

The top benefits of working with Quantum Outsourcing Group are: 

  • One-stop solution for all medical practices, including personal injury practices and specialties.

  • Faster reimbursements.

  • Reduce overhead.

  • Competitive collections fee, monthly invoice based on collections.

  • Available coding options, full billing, reporting, and collections.

  • High-performance partners to help you achieve your revenue goals.

  • High-technology software.

  • Overcome rejections, denials, and underpayments.

  • More time for your patients.

  • Safe and reliable billing.

  • Tracking of your revenue cycle.

What are the benefits of Quantum Medical Billing?

Contact us today to increase cash flow, reduce errors, and improve collections with our medical billing solution.

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