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Quantum focuses on your
Back Office Op

Have a Back Office or Customer Support Challenge?

Building an extraordinary business comes with many challenges, and we are just the perfect partner to overcome them.

So you don't have to.

Quantum Outsourcing Group was founded to help businesses like Medical Practices, Law Firms, and more, eradicate what stands between them and scaled growth.  


By seamlessly becoming one with your team, our dedicated experts will take over your Back Office Operations, Customer Service, Servicing of Medical Receivables and Digital Marketing, so you’ll be able to free up valuable resources, save money and focus on boosting growth.


What makes us different?

We have managed over


One Billion Dollars!

in personal injury medical receivables & over 200,000 patients.

With our servicing solution, you also get

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Deep understanding of the complexities of your industry and profound knowledge of the specifics of your business unit.

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Excellent Customer Service

Our team is always ready to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide support throughout the whole process.

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Speed and Efficiency

When you have a growing business, time is often of the essence, so we provide you with the staff, technology and expertise that you need as soon as possible to free your resources and focus on your growth.

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Proven Track Record

We have a track record of success in allowing clients to focus on business growth by handling their Back Office Operation with professionalism, technology and expertise. Our satisfied clients can attest to our reliability and effectiveness.

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Tailored Solutions

Every business is unique. Whether you have a Law Firm or a Medical Practice with a portfolio of medical liens, we can create a plan that works for you.

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Transparent and Fair Terms

Our commitment to transparency means you'll always know the terms of your agreement upfront. We offer fair and competitive rates, and there are no hidden fees.

We have worked with +8k attorneys in


New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
South Carolina

To collect nearly $300 million dollars in settlements.

Meet Our Leadership

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Gary Smith
Chief Executive Officer

Joe Mohr
Chief Financial Officer

Theresa Giordano
Client relationship Manager

Vanessa Greenfield
Client relationship Manager

Amanda Margarone 
Vice President of Operations

Back Office Operations?

Got Challenges with

We have a dedicated team for each and everyone of them.


CSU & Servicing Team

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Industries we Serve

Healthcare/Medical Practices

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Artboard 16_2x.png

Retail & Ecommerce

Artboard 16_2x.png


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Are you in another industry?

Every industry has its own unique needs that require a strategic outsourcing partner to help fulfill their specific goals and objectives.


Quantum Outsourcing Group understands the complexity of your industry and collaborates closely with your team members and clients to become an extension of your team. We dive deep into your business' core mission and activities to design a customized program to boost performance, free up your resources and accelerate your growth.


Ready for scaled growth?

Build your dream team and design a custom outsourcing solution with our highly-skilled team of professionals.  

We have helped dozens of companies  with their Back Office Operations, Customer Service, Servicing Medical Receivables and Digital Marketing needs.  We are here to make your job easier, and your growth unstoppable. 

Let’s talk about how Quantum Outsourcing Solutions can unlock new levels of productivity and growth for your business. 

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