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Virtual Assistant

A Quantum Outsourcing Group® Employee Leasing Solution

Maximize your time, and minimize your budget! 

Answering your phone calls, live transfers, chat support, scheduling appointments, payment posting, and client intake - Quantum does it all by putting at your service dedicated virtual assistant experts and high-technology software, so you can win your workday back!

Can you relate to this?

Every thriving business inevitably reaches a juncture where they realize they can't manage all their current administrative tasks without causing their employees to be burnt out or having the need to hire more staff.   

Continuing to manage everything in-house can overwhelm your schedule with non-revenue-generating activities that do not contribute to business strategic growth. Let Quantum Outsourcing Group® take care of legally employing your dedicated Virtual Assistant, and providing HR and management support, so you only focus on what matters most: Business growth.


Your staff is constantly overwhelmed with tasks, unable to keep up with the workload, and essential tasks are not being completed. 


Your productivity is declining, with important tasks being delayed or forgotten. 


Your staff is spending too much time on administrative tasks that do not generate revenue or contribute to business growth is a significant red flag.


Your business is missing out on opportunities because you’re too busy managing day-to-day operations.

Why should you choose Quantum

for Virtual Assistant Services?

When working with Quantum Outsourcing Group®, you get full access to a pool of professionals dedicated to your business growth, supported by top-tier technology. All with unmatched cost-savings.

Affordable Virtual Assistant services

Competitive Costs & Savings

Less Overhead

Choose from a global pool of talent

Expertise and Seniority
Bilingual Professionals

Multichannel Support (Calls, Emails, Chat)

VA dedicated exclusively to your business

We handle Contracting, Payroll and HR Management

We work around your schedule 

Human touch supported with top-tier technology

Custom Office Needs

Choose the tasks your VA should take care of  

Cyber Security & Compliance


What can a Virtual Assistant do for your business?

Need something else? 

Let's find the perfect solution together!

Explore more about our

Employee Leasing Solutions

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Maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs with skilled professionals without the hustle of contracting, payroll and HR management. 

Provide your clients with bilingual support, information about your products, services, and programs, effectively.

Improve accuracy and reduce errors by safely and precisely taking your information to electronic formats.

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Bilingual Virtual Assistant services tailored to handle administrative tasks, appointment booking, and more, ensuring efficient and professional support from a remote location.

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