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Servicing of
Medical Receivables

Are you a healthcare professional and are not interested in selling the aging receivables from treating personal injury patients? Let our experienced team service and collect them for you.

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Why do you need
Servicing Medical Receivables?

More economical than hiring staff, our team of professional industry veterans can service accounts for you so you can keep your focus on patient care while still maintaining ownership of your receivables. 

The top benefits of working with Quantum Outsourcing Group are: 

  • Increase productivity of your staff. 

  • We have some of the best fees in the market.   

  • Monthly tracking of receivables. 

  • Software developed specific to this industry.

  • No need to switch from your current billing software.

What are the benefits of Quantum Servicing Medical Receivables?

Contact us today to increase cash flow, and improve collections with our Servicing Medical Receivables solution.

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